A training guide to preparing for your first 10km race

Are you stepping up from a 5k race to take on a 10k, or a beginner wanting to go straight for the 10k race? Planning your training can get you there fit and injury-free.

First and foremost, as the experts on the runkeeper blog say, “It’s important to give yourself time to build up to the 10k distance.” While you could be ready in 8 weeks, it’s best to give yourself 3-4 months to prepare to make sure you are fresh and injury-free on race day.

Here are some tips to running your first 10k race:

  • Aim for 3-4 runs per week
  • Warm-up, cool-down and stretch before and after every run
  • Include an endurance run each week
  • Include a tempo run each weekpexels-photo-347134.jpeg
  • Include an interval run each week
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have a rest day after each run day
  • Brisk walks on rest days will help recovery.

Endurance run

This long, slow run should start at around 6-8km for beginners, and build to 10-13km by race day. Make sure you run this at a slow, comfortable pace. Run at a speed that you could hold a conversation with someone and be able to breathe comfortably the whole run.

Building to running 10-13km by race day will teach your body that the distance will not be a problem on race day. You will finish this race~

Tempo run

A tempo run teaches you to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It trains you to run at a speed slightly outside your comfort zone. This builds mental strength, overall speed and endurance.

Start with 5-10 mins slow jog, then run 20 minutes at a pace just outside your comfort zone. Being able to talk easily would be too slow, and gasping for air would be too fast. Finish with 5-10 minutes slow jog and stretch.

Interval Run

These are short, intense runs followed by slow jog/walk rests to recover and catch your breath. The fast pace helps to boost your speed each week along with the jogging rests to improve endurance.

After warm-up, run 400m at hard uncomfortable effort, then slow jog 400m to catch your breath and recover. Repeat this 6-10 times.


If you can follow these tips for 3-4 months, you’ll be burning up the road come race day.

Leave a comment and let me know how your training is going ~


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